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Resolutions for the AGM of the FLFAM on 25.5.07

  1. We urge the government to allow swine farms which fulfill waste management requirements for in-situ operation and as permanent swine farming area, as well as allocating land for the back up of setting up of permanent swine farming area.
    Reason: As swine farms are always forced to relocate or close down due to regional development and other environmental factors, the setting up of permanent swine farming area could enable the affected farms to use as a new farming location.
  2. We urge the government to allow the operation of open house livestock farms which comply with sanitation requirements and not to make closed house operation compulsory for pig farms and poultry farms as practiced in foreign countries, and do allow the operators make the decision instead .
    Reason: The industry is still facing an uncertain future, farmers could hardly bear the high risk and cost incurred by closed-house farming.
  3. We urge the government to provide diesel subsidy for swine and poultry industry (as what is granted for agriculture and fishery by the government.)
  4. To urge the Government to increase the number of Chinese primary schools in residential areas of high Chinese population density which are short of such primary schools in order to meet people’s need.
    Reason: Chinese primary school is important in Malaysian education system. The need for Chinese primary schools should be treated fairly.
  5. In view of the trend of trade liberalization, Malaysia has allowed the import of livestock products. This has put local livestock industry operators into an unfavourable situation of unfair competition, thus we urge the government to withdraw the controlled price restriction on livestock products immediately.
  6. We insist that we have the right to report prices of livestock products in the mass media so as to enable smooth trading and transparency besides being a reference for consumers.