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In 2019 there were 5 layer PS farm companies in the Peninsular part of the country. These farms produce more than 34.6 million layer day-old-chick pullets. Lohmann Brown, Hisex-Brown Dekalb and Novogen are the predominant breeds. All the table eggs produced are brown shelled eggs.

There are approximately 204 layer farms producing 9,624 million eggs in the same year. About 8 companies produce more than 1 million table eggs per day each. About 2.12 billion table eggs were exported to the Singapore market as fresh in-shell eggs.

All the eggs are marketed through wholesalers as fresh in shell eggs. There are presently three relatively small egg processing plants in operation to produce different forms of liquid eggs to the specific requirements of the bakery and confectionary industries.

There is growth in the production of “designer eggs” to meet the demand for “healthier” eggs deemed to be lower in cholesterol and higher in omega 3 fatty acids.

Efforts are being made to export in-shell eggs. In 2019 exports were made to Hong Kong (168.18 million), Timor Leste (10.08 million), Macau (15.41 million), Maldives (0.65 million), Sabah and Sarawak (27.48 million). Interest to export is dependent on the offer prices of the importers which varies according the regional market sentiments.