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In August 1972, there was an extensive outbreak of swine fever causing the deaths of a large number of pigs in numerous farms. Due to widespread rumours that the disease affects humans, consumption of pork plunged drastically. As a result the ex-farm prices fell and pig farmers consequently suffered huge losses. The outbreak was eliminated by December of that year.


This incident led to the livestock associations at various district and state levels realising the need to form an association at the national level, in order to represent the interest of all the livestock associations and strive for the welfare and benefits of livestock farmers under one umbrella organisation.

On the 24th day of December 1972, representatives from the Penang and Province Wellesly Farmers’ Association, Sepang Pig Farmers’ Association, Selangor Pig Farmers’ Association, Selangor Poultry Farmers’ Association, Negeri Sembilan Livestock Rearers’Association, Perak Animal Husbandary Association, Johor Livestock Rearers’ Association and Malacca Livestocks Rearers’ Association gathered in the premises of the Selangor Poultry Farmers’ Association in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the idea and a protem committee was formed.

By May 1974, the registration of the Federation of Livestock Farmers’ Associations of West Malaysia was approved by the Registrar of Societies and the inaugural Central Committee was elected on 4th of June of that year.

With the inclusion of the Kuching Livestock Farmers’ Association, Sarawak in 1975 under the national umbrella, approval was given by the Registrar of Societies for the Federation to adopt its present name as “Federation of Livestock Farmers’ Association of Malaysia” and is generally referred to by the abbreviation FLFAM.