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  • To accelerate the liaison among the various livestock associations for common efforts striving for the benefits of the members as well as the betterment of the livestock industry.
  • To provide a channel of communication with the government agencies to ensure the interest of the industry is considered in policy decisions.
  • To safeguard the welfare and legitimate interest of the livestock farming community.
  • To advance the technical know-how of the livestock industry.
  • 促进马来西亚各地禽畜业公会的联系与活动,共同维护及争取属会 会员在禽畜业方面的合理权益和发展。
  • 提供与政府部门之间的沟通管道,以确保农友的利益在决策时有被考虑在内
  • 维护禽畜业社群的福利及合法权益。
  • 提升禽畜业的技术。