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 In 2019, there were 4 grandparent stock farms that supply 100 percent of the parent stock chicks needed by the parent stock (PS) farms.

There are 22 PS farm companies in the Peninsular part of the country. These farms produce more than 828.21 million broiler day-old-chicks in 2019. Cobbs and Ross are the predominant breeds used together accounting for 77 percent utilization.


There are approximately 2,606 broiler grower farms producing 787 million birds in the same year. About 69.72 million live birds and 12.34 thousand tons of chicken meat and further processed products were exported, mostly to Singapore.

Due to severe market competition the number of farm companies is gradually getting smaller in numbers but are getting bigger in production capacity. There have also been a few mergers and acquisitions among the parent stock farms as part of the ongoing restructuring of the broiler production system. Most new farms are built as environmentally controlled closed poultry houses with various degrees of automation.

About 30 percent of broilers are channeled through modern processing plants and are sold in supermarkets and fast-food outlets while the remainder is still sold as live or dressed birds in wet markets. There are tentative steps being taken by the government to stop chicken slaughter in live bird markets for hygiene and environmental reasons.