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Improving Poultry Production & Welfare with Animal-Centric Lighting

Today, modern poultry production has evolved into a science. Based on the science of photobiology (the effect of light on different aspects of our lives), the right light can bring about healthier and more productive birds. This has been proven in countless different researches, with many poultry breed management guides also offering advice on the right lights for your farm.

At ONCE, with a combined 25+ years in agricultural lighting together with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting),we go beyond traditional LEDs by offering solutions designed to revolutionize agricultural lighting. We have developed light recipes based on decades of proven research and are able to enhance productivity through increased weight gain, improved FCR and enhanced welfare through reduced animal stress.

As an example: for broilers, green light encourages growth and sexual development of poultry during the early stages of life by enhancing proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells, while blue light elevates plasma androgens allowing the bird to put on more muscle mass at later stages of development.

A recent USDA study found that broilers raised under ONCE lighting systems outperformed when compared to other LED lamps. The broilers tested under our system showed a 3-5% increase in body weight.

We also have similar studies and solutions done on layers and breeders, with lighting designs that can be tailored to suit your specific barn type.

With installations all over the world, including in Southeast Asia, we are happy to explain further and bring better production results to your farm with the right lights. Just drop us an email at or, or you can also browse through our website here: