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Foreign labour employment – a guideline


(Please read the attached download)

A meeting organized by the DVS and attended by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Manpower Department Representatives yielded the following pointers: –

  • Foreign workers applications are given approval if all conditions necessary are fulfilled;
  • A confirmatory letter on the numbers eligible issued by the Department of Veterinary Services is required for approval;
  • The confirmatory letter on the numbers eligible can be issued by the State HQ of the Department of Veterinary Services;
  • For the moment the eligibility number is based on the ratios published in the MOA booklet;
  • The ratio of worker/production capacity is being revised to increase the eligibility total in the future;
  • Workers for waste handling or feed-milling for home mixers can be included based on the ratios published under separate headings in the booklet.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs has just approved the extension of foreign workers work permit beyond five years to not more than 10 years;
  • Approval is subject to the worker being sent home for three months before a new work permit is issued;
  • The return home sojourn of workers can be staggered among the group of workers to allow continued and uninterrupted farm operation;
  • A MOA representative is stationed everyday at the One-Stop Centre on the 4th Floor of the Immigration Department in Precinct 2 Putra Jaya to help resolve issues;
  • The One-Stop Centre is currently manned by a DVS representatives on Tuesdays
  • The advice of the Government Agencies concerned for applicants is not to rely on Agents to handle the matter — presumably company employees are more appropriate to handle the matter.
  • The government is sensitive to the realities of worker requirements in the context of national interest;

Improved communications can resolve many outstanding issues.

FLFAM Secretariat