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Emergent & Endemic Diseases in Swine

The three (3) invited speakers gave par excellence presentations to a crowd of 45 people (consisting of veterinarians, farmers (Peninsular & East Malaysia) and even a pharmacist) in the recently concluded one day seminar held at Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya on 5th May, 2009.

Dr Too, gave two interesting presentations, namely Porcine Circo Virus Disease (PCVD) and the age old Foot & Mouth Disease. Whilst Dr Tam Doo Yew gave a briefing on the diagnostic facilities his company can offer and the last speaker spoke on PRRS experience in Peoples’ Republic of China.

The objectives of the seminar is clear even before we embarked into getting the relevant parties to speak. Most veterinary pharmaceutical companies have their own series of seminars to educate farmers. Some of the topics espoused in this seminar are not new. Thus, the attendance could be better if those who refused to attend realise this seminar is organised to deal with technical issues. This is not sales or product talk. Understanding our veterinary fraternity needs continuous up-grading in technical knowledge, this seminar provides a avenue where the various subjects are tackled. The objectives of the seminar are two- fold:

a) Technical persons in the seminar must take home with them with understanding of the diseases and educating the farmers or stakeholders of the swine industry.

b) Keeping in touch of the latest findings of these diseases; have a better & clearer pictures of the diseases. This will provide the technical persons tools to diagnose better.

We believe everyone enjoyed the talks; many questions were asked. The audience was challenged to ask questions; urged to assist the industry to progress. Though the FLFAM’s swine unit wished for more & better attendance, it is nevertheless satisfied to note it is a small step towards a greater committment- bringing better husbandry, performance and disease control in the pig farms or in another words – assisting the industry to stay on for another day.