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Digitalization is the Next Stage of Optimization: Keeping an eye on your poultry business with Big Data

Porphyrio® is the new standard for cloud based data management systems for the poultry industry. Porphyrio® adopts a three- step approach – monitor daily production, predict performance of your flocks and plan your production output – to enable optimized poultry production along the complete value chain.

Following an animal-centric approach, Porphyrio® supports your daily poultry production management using big data, bio- statistics and scientific self-learning algorithms. A variety of customizable software solutions offered by Evonik Porphyrio NV improves poultry production and product quality through holistic monitoring of parameters that matter and a smart early warning system which notifies arising problems. Porphyrio® optimizes planning based on accurate predictions and take right decisions at the right time to maximize return on investment.

Overall, Porphyrio® embraces your company’s digitalization strategy to improve production efficiency and increase profit- ability of poultry operations.

Porphyrio® is the digital pillar of Evonik’s Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) concept. The PLF system house combines science, expert knowledge, intelligent software and connectivity into a comprehensive solution for poultry production, with focus on animal nutrition, animal health and animal farming.

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