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With the courtesy of the YB Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry (YBM MoA), a strong representative group of 13 members of FLFAM headed by its President, Mr. Jeffrey Ng, had the opportunity to officially visit the YBM MoA in a dialogue session especially dedicated to share the industry’s views on issues pertaining to egg and chicken supply during the coming Hari Raya Festival. Also present were the Secretary General of MoA, YBhg Datuk Seri Dr. Ismail Hj Bakar; the DG of DVS, YH Dato’ Dr. Kamarudin Md Isa; Director and Senior Staff of Division of Livestock Commodity, YBhg Dato’ Rosini Alias and Dr. Rohana Abu Bakar, respectively and two Senior Officers from Division of Plant Industry, Livestock and Fisheries(ITTP), MoA.

The members were greeted and invited to the YBM MoA’s meeting room at Level 17, Wisma Tani, Precinct 4, Putrajaya, where after a brief introduction by the YBM MoA, the FLFAM President was invited to deliver a slide presentation. In his presentation, Mr. Jeffrey talked about commercial broiler production and the projected supply according to anticipated demand, the norms and situations of demand during Ramadhan (fasting month) and factors affecting production such as foreign workers supplies, feed supplies, mispricing of ceiling prices during festivals, frozen chicken part imports and actions taken by certain state governments issuing the order to close down open house farms. The YBM MoA was very receptive to all the issues raised and had members in the meeting engaged in very constructive discussions. The YBM was emphatic with the closure of farm issue and requested that it together with other related matters including the planting of corn to address balance of trade be included in a working paper to be prepared on the plan to formalise a National policy on the poultry industry which he would bring it up in the cabinet meeting and a meeting with state Menteri Besars and Chief Ministers.

Other members of the FLFAM who attended the dialogue were YBhg Tan Sri Francis Lau Tuang Nguang (Leong Hup Group), YBhg Dato’ Sri Pua Tian Siong (Hyfresh Group), Mr. Azahari Arshad (Dindings Poultry Farm), Mr Ang Pun Heng (Dindings Poultry Farm), Mr. Victor Loo (CAB Cakaran Berhad), Dr. Ong Choo Teik (FFM Berhad), Dr. Khaw Eng Sun ((Hyfresh Group), Mr. Brian Lim (Selasih Aman Sdn Bhd), Mr. Puasa Osman (Selasih Aman Sdn Bhd), Mr. Yap Chor How (Lay Hong Berhad) and Dr. Abd Rahman Md Saleh (FLFAM).

On the whole, the dialogue session was quite successful with a promise of national policy to be established which is hoped will address the many issues affecting the poultry industry and to help boost the industry to greater heights. At the end of the meeting, the YBM MoA thanked everyone for attending, adjourned with a little post-dialogue chat with the members for a while and the FLFAM President was later interviewed by DVS staff for further clarifications.

Figure 1: Members waiting inside the meeting room
Figure 2: FLFAM Members engrossed in the dialogue session
Figure 3: MoA Minister dialogue session with FLFAM Members.