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Consultation between a Delegate of The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Evaluation Team and FLFAM on Veterinary Services (PVS) by The Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia.

OIE PVS Evaluation

A three-member delegation from the OIE office,,Paris,has made a trip to Malaysia from 10 to 26 Feb 2016 to assess the overall performance of the veterinary services of DVS encompassing its technical capability and its interactions with interested parties. All sectors namely the Department per se, the academia, the private practices, the farm operators and including FLFAM are involved in their evaluation via on-site visit and interviews. On the whole, everyone plays their parts well and the team is contented.

From a three-member delegation from the OIE,which has been to Malaysia from 10 to 26 Feb 2016 to evaluate the overall performance veterinary performance (PVS), Dr NiksaBarisic, Head of Team 3, paid the FLFAM a visit on 19 Feb. OIE PVS Mission to Malaysia is actually as a result of Malaysia’s voluntary application to the OIE to gauge where its services stand as have other 150 plus countries which have had their systems evaluated.

With the Federation, the OIE Expert was particularly keen on the interactions that are in play between the DVS and Federation,being the umbrella and representative of 80% of the industry particularly poultry and pig sub-sectors. The President elucidated that FLFAM has been a regular monthly meeting called the Poultry Producers/Integrators’ Consultative Group (PPICG) which at the moment runs to its 256th round. A copy of the last notice of Meeting was given to the OIE Expert. Besides the PPICG, the Federation has always been willing to participate in any of the DVS’ call for discussions and joint efforts such beta-agonist monitoring of pig farms where private vets are trained and certified to assist the project. On the whole the Expert was satisfied and thanked the Federation for providing him the time to interact. Members of FLFAM who attended were Mr Jeffrey Ng (President), Dr Abdul Rahman bin Md Saleh, Mr Chuang Hock Meng, Mr Tan Kuang Liang and Mr Tung Hong Chai.

FLFAM Members and Dr Niksa Barisic (on the left of Mr President)