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Challenging Times

Challenging times – the livestock stock industry faces serious challenges ahead trying very hard to balance its social reponsibility and balancing its books. The industry has always had in mind the need to produce reasonable priced chickens for Malaysian consumers. As it is chickens have been one of the cheapest animal protein based product needed for physical growth and physical growth of the nation’s young besides being enjoyed by most people. The industry produces 1.4 to 1.5 millon chickens daily and also strives to maintain at that level even though the requirement of the Peninsular Malaysia hovers between 1.3 to 1.4 milion chickens daily. The industry understands the need to produce more than the required numbers so as to ascertain Malaysians would never face shortage. The industry can never try to determine farm gate prices as supply & demand plays a very crucial role. We can only continue to farm provided there are demand for the chickens and there are some annualised profit to see us through another year.

However, the industry faces ridicules when demand outstrips supply due to factors that are beyond the industry’s control. The rising cost of grains resulting from the severe fire and drought in Russia pushes wheat prices to escalate thus affecting the demand in order to meet the new need changing customer. Processing from the design, implementation to: each watch shall be qualified through strict quality control testing before delivery.of corn and soya. The wave of poor performances resulting from poor quality feed affect growth rates. The slow down in growth resulting from poorer feed, a consequence of poor quality grains also plays a crucial role.

The public always expects cheap chicken protein at all time will be up in their arms when supply becomes lower and inevitably prices shifted slightly higher. To reiterate: supply & demand determines prices – the chain effect of farm gate to retail. The retailer blames the wholesaler and in turn the wholesaler blames the farmers. As an industry to whom can we pass the buck if supply goes down resulting from poor performances? We are like everyone else in this beautiful Malaysia. We want a place under the sun.

Beautiful Malaysia, Blessed Merdeka Day & Happy Malaysia Day. To the Muslims – Selamat Berpuasa