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Beta agonist Testing very soon

The Department of Veterinary Services will embark beta agonist testing very soon. This announcement was made by Dr N Krishnan, Head of the unit in charge on zoonosis and food safety.

Times and times again the DVS would remind the producers they are to be compliant to ensure the pork they produce are free from any contaminations.

It has been noted the previous test results showed 98.5% compliant and the recalcitrant farms are immediately subjected to 100 percent ban on pig movement. Though highlighted by the media & subsequently handled by the department & the Minister of Health, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai these positive farms are subjected through the tough regime of quarantine to ensure none of the produce from these farms reach the table. The Government has in place, protocols sufficient to deter & prevent flouting of the regulations.

The pig producers laud the Government on the impending testing to ensure everyone of them toe the line. Though the industry has to pay for the testings sent to the Government & accredited laboratories, it feels the rountine testing has value for money. After all, the safety of the pork is also for the safety of consumers’ health; the ultimate supporters of the industry


Pig Unit